Do Anywhere Body Weight Circuit

Strength training, like running, should start with the basics. Building muscular strength and endurance can enhance running performance and injury resistance.  However, jumping into an intense strength training program without proper preparation is a recipe for injury and frustration.   

Before adding heavy weights, start with body weight exercises that emphasize core strength and isolate key running movements.  By using our body’s natural levers rather than the levers of machines we develop balance and strength in injury prone areas. And for most of us, our body weight provides more than enough resistance to build a strong foundation.  

Here are some exercises that I do regularly because they target key areas and don’t require much additional time or equipment.  The entire routine only takes a few minutes and can be done at home, at the gym, or at your local park. 

Push – Ups (2 sets x Max) 

Front Planks (2 sets x 30 to 60 seconds)

Hill Climbers (2 sets x 30 to 60 seconds) 

Pelvic/Hip Thrusts (2 sets x 15 or Max) 

Bicycle Crunches (2 sets x 50) 

Pull Ups (2 sets x Max) 

Inverted Lunges (2 sets x 10 per leg. Add more each week) 

Step Ups (2 sets x 10 per leg. Add a few more each week) 

Running Arms (2 sets x 30 – 60 seconds

Box Squats (2x15)

Each of these exercises works essential running muscles and will provide a base for more intense efforts later in the training plan.  Variations of many of the exercises such as side planks, plank rotations, and lunge matrices can add additional stimulus, but focus on these basic movements for now and you’ll have plenty of time to add more to your routine as you progress through it.  

Remember – it’s all about the base!   

Jacob Puzey is national champion road and cross country runner and an IAAF, USATF, & McMillan Running certified running coach.  Jacob coaches athletes of all ages & abilities from all over the world to help them achieve their goals on all distances and services.  To learn more about the coaching services he provides visit