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Running the Trails

Running the Trails is led by Jennifer Faraone, avid trail runner and 5 Peaks Fan.  Jennifer leads various trail running clinics throughout the GTA as well as an annual Trail Running Retreat in Hockley Valley (scheduled for October 2015). Some of the clinics are aligned with the Southern Ontario races so that runners can gain some helpful tips and check out the terrain prior to each race. Jennifer loves sharing her passion for the trails with others, whether it be someone venturing out on the trails for the first time, or someone looking to further unleash their inner mountain lion. Visit her site for more information.



Canmore Trail Culture.

Join Mike Fitzpatrick on the beautiful trails in Canmore Alberta.  It's only a short drive from Calgary, and everyone is welcome!  Check out the Facebook group for more information.



Join our awesome Vancouver race director, Solana Klassen, at her Ladies of the Trails group.  More info on Facebook here!

The Next Step

Looking for other great races? We are good friends with the crew at Sinister Sports. Known for their epic “Sinister 7” 100 mile trail race, Sinister Sports always puts on stellar events in beautiful places. Go big and use 5 Peaks to build up for one of their ultras!