Running Safe with Bears

A great way to avoid negative encounters with wildlife while you’re training, or racing, in the outdoors is to remove your ear buds. Two runners in Alaska recently suffered “defensive bear attacks” because they were running with earbuds and not fully aware of their surroundings (story here).  When you wear ear buds, you are less aware of your surroundings and might not hear nearby wildlife that may be warning you of their presence. It is safer for runners and wildlife to not wear ear buds.

In addition to not wearing ear buds, wildlife officials and WildSmart strongly suggest you carry bear spray and know how to use it, as well as shout regularly to let wildlife know where you are; it will prevent them from being surprised and give them a chance to move elsewhere. Let the training begin!

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What is the most effective form of defensive against a feisty bear?  Bear Spray!  Read more about it here.