5 Peaks Adventures Launches Kids Run Canada

Adding to its trail running races by including 3km, timed races for youth in all regional 2014 summer events.

Start-up funding for Kids Run Canada has been generously provided by Dr. Grant Bartlett, Calgary businessman and supporter of health and wellness. Dr. Bartlett ‘ran’ at the opportunity to help. “I was asked to support a program to get more kids running in the forest. My young grandchildren, and so many others, can participate and grow from this opportunity so my response was a wholehearted ‘yes’.”

Many of Canada’s best trail runners were introduced to the sport through the 5 Peaks series; incepted in Vancouver in 1998, and now hosting 12,000 racers annually, in five Canadian provinces. Getting off the road and on to the trails provides a venue for runners to experience nature, interact with fellow athletes, and become part of a community while enjoying health benefits.

Kids Run Canada participants will be introduced to these same benefits and values, laying the foundation for a lifelong active lifestyle. Kids Run Canada will enable youth to explore sport within a warm and welcoming community while removing many traditional barriers to participation.

5 Peaks CEO, Amy Golumbia, had this to say: “Running and playing in the forest are natural for kids. With the introduction of Kids Run Canada, whole families can run and have fun in Canada’s great natural places while interacting with other trail enthusiasts.”

5 Peaks works in concert with Tree Canada and 60 Minutes Kids Club to get Canadians outdoors. Kids Run Canada is an expression of that shared goal.

For more information on Kids Run Canada, regional race times and locations, go to Kids Run Canada at www.kidsrun.ca.