All about Run Club

Q:  How much is Run Club?

A:  Run Club is a subscription service and costs $49.99 per month for non season's pass holders and $44.99 per month if you have already purchased a 5Peaks Season's Pass.   There is no contract and you can cancel any time.  McMillan Running offers a 30 day money back guarantee so there is no risk to you.

Q:  Do I have to commit to a full year?

A:  Absolutely not!  You can cancel at any time.

Q:  Do I have to have a paypal account to sign up?

A:  No you don't.  In the bottom right hand corner of your payment screen you have the option of signing up with a credit card rather than paypal.

Q: How do I cancel my membership?

A: If for any reason you decide to cancel your subscription, you may do so by simply cancelling your recurring payment from your PayPal account. It’s as easy as that.  If you don't have a paypal account, simply email and they'll take care of you right away.

Q: How do I choose my plan?

A: Watch the video (or read the article) in the Resources section called “How to Choose Your Plan” here.

Q:  How do I connect with other runners in my area?

A:  You can connect in a few ways:  once you're in the Run Club platform, you can go to the "Community" tab and choose the discussion board, member map, or coach chat.

Q: Do I need to subscribe to McMillan PRO to use RunClub?

A: No. You do not need a McMillan PRO subscription to use RunClub. You can get the paces for your training from the free

McMillan Running Calculator (, awarded "Best Running Calculator" by Outside Magazine.

Q: Where do I get my training paces?

A: Your training paces come from the McMillan Running Calculator. Just visit and enter your information and select “Calculate My Paces.”

Q: I chose my plan but nothing is showing up, why? It says my plan hasn’t started yet.

A: Let’s make sure you have selected the correct end date for your plan. You'll want to click on the "Training Plan" menu and then “Choose Training Plan”. On the left side of your screen you will see a section titled "Change Your Plan". Scroll down until you see "Your Current Plan". There are two drop down menus. One where you choose a new plan, and one where you select the end date for your plan at some date in the future. You'll want to select your plan and your end date, and then click on the button that says "Change My Plan Now". If you follow through with these steps and are still having issues, let us know at

Q: Where is there a description of the types of runs/workouts?

A: All workouts are defined in the Resources section in an article called “McMillan Workouts How To”

Q: How do I ask a question for the coaches?
A: Visit the Discussion forum and post your question to the Ask the Coach forum.

Have another question that we haven't answered?  Feel free to email us any time: