Got Milkweed?

There’s no doubt about it: the 5 Peaks Family loves nature! Canada’s parks and trails provide us with the most beautiful races on the planet, so we want to give back.

This spring, we’re working with the David Suzuki Foundation to help monarch butterflies. Please join us!

Monarch butterflies will be starting their multigenerational journey northward this spring, and they need your help! If you live in Ontario or Quebec, please consider buying a $5 milkweed seed packet from the David Suzuki Foundation when you register for a race. Milkweed is the plant monarchs lay their eggs on and monarch caterpillars eat.

Your seed packet(s) will arrive at your door late this spring for you to get started creating a beautiful butterfly-friendly garden. With over 12,000 runners in the 5 Peaks Family, together we’ll give monarchs a warm welcome this summer.*