Also check out the Rules & Regulations if you still have questions.

Registration Process

1. How do I register?
You can enter online through the 5 Peaks website.  Please note that there are credit card processing fees for raceonline.


2. How do I know if I’m registered?
If you enter online, you will receive a return e-mail message confirming your registration.  Please check your junk folder if you have not received one.


3. What is the closing date for race registration?
Registration is online only this year through the store. There will be NO RACE DAY REGISTRATION for any events other than the 1 km FREE Children’s race. The 3 km Kids' race needs to be registered online through the store.  You must register online by midnight on the Wednesday night prior to the race.


4. Are there refunds?
Sorry, there will be no race refunds or transfers for any reason. For further information on our refund policy check out the store.


6. Can I register and pick up my souvenir and race number on race day? No.  There is no longer race day registration.  Please register online by midnight on the Wednesday prior to the race.  Please check the store section of our web site for times & details of individual events.



7. Is there a minimum age for participants?
No way!  If you think your child can run the distance, who are we to stop him/ her?  We LOVE when kids set lofty goals.  We do, however, encourage parents or a designated guardian to run with kids under 10 to ensure safety. Participants under the age of 19 must have a parent or guardian sign the waiver. Youth are welcome to participate in the sport/enduro/half marathon categories but they must have parental consent and be able to complete the course within the maximum allowed time.


9. May I sign up for just one race, or do I have to sign up for the entire series?
Do one or do them all, the choice is yours! Online registration offers the option to sign up for any one race or multiple races. There are no limitations or restrictions.


10. Can I sign up for races in more than one region, or do I need to stay within one series?
You can register for races in as many regions as you like, sign up for one in each if you like! 



Course Information

1. What is the distance of the race?
The distance of the Sport course will vary from 4.5km to 10km, depending on the venue. This course offers entry level participants a challenging, yet manageable race. The Enduro course is approximately 10km to 17km, geared towards the more advanced trail runner. The ½ marathon distance varies from 20-23 km, and adds that extra challenge to the 5 Peaks line up!


2. What is the average finishing time?
The fastest Sport time recorded to date was just under 20 minutes, with the average time being 45-50 minutes. The seasoned veteran will rip through the Enduro course in about an hour, while most of the pack will jog/hike the trail finishing the race in about an hour and a half. The ½ marathon depending on the terrain, will take racers anywhere from 1.5 hours to 4.5 hours. All courses are open to athletes of all athletic abilities. Participation is the key.


3. May I walk the course?
Yes, we do allow participants to walk the course. Please contact the race director as some regions may ask you to start a bit earlier. Though not necessary, we would prefer that participant’s planning to walk the course register for the Sport distance. As a walker, please pay attention to fellow competitors coming up behind you. Please do not walk abreast and keep to the far right to let runners pass. This will ensure that both walkers and runners can obtain their desired finish times. The Finish Area will be kept open until the last participant crosses. Please make race directors and timing crew aware of your intentions to walk the course on race day.


4. What skill level do you need to compete?
The 5 Peaks events are achievable for all athletic skill levels, from beginner to elite. Everybody can compete and challenge themselves at something different and exciting!


5. Where can I get a map?
Whenever possible, updated maps will be posted on the website, on the race page.


6. Do you have a race for kids?
Yes we do. The Children’s Challenge is 1 km and is held prior to the Sport and Enduro events.  This event is Free and you can register your child on race day only.  We also have a timed Kids' event, approximately 3 km.  You can register for this event online, just look for it listed under the region in the store.


7. Where are the first aid stations?
There are aid stations in the Start/Finish area and at on-course locations. Please note: If you have a pre-existing medical condition we should know about in case of a medical emergency, please write (block letters in waterproof ink) the details on the back of your race number bib. Pens will be provided on race day at the first aid tent. Feel free to let our first aid personnel know about any medical concern you may have.

8. What is the difficulty of the terrain?
Though most of the courses are on well maintained double and single track trails, some terrain involves roots, rocks, mud, stream crossings, and downed trees. The terrain is ranked based on technicality. The more rocks & roots there are, typically the more technical the course is. All courses offer a challenging level of technical terrain, some more than others. If possible, it’s always a good idea to pre run the course so you are familiar with the trail on race day. Remember, there is no shame in walking a section, sections of the course. Safety and overall enjoyment is paramount.


9. Where are the water stations?
There will be water and electrolyte replacement at the start / finish area and at least one aid station approximately ½ way through each course. In some cases, depending on weather and race course design, there may be additional water stations on course.


10. How will my race time be recorded?
Chip timing is state of the art technology and will electronically track your start and finish, providing accurate, quick results.  At smaller races, ipad “runscore” timing may be used.  There is a timing mat at the start and finish line, please ensure you cross it. Failure to do so will result in an inaccurate time, or no result at all.


11. Where will I find my race results?
Race results will be posted on our results board at the race very soon after you finish the race. Please check the results as soon as possible to ensure they are accurate. If there are discrepancies, notify the timing crew near the finish line. Final results will be posted on our results page following the race. Please allow 1-2 days for file transfer and upload. Results will not be adjusted past 1 week after race day, so please notify us of any changes before you leave the event if possible.


12. Can I run with my kid in the 3K race?
The 3 km event is closed for individuals under the age of 18 only. Parents are welcome to run along and support their children but they must not cross the start/finish line or interfere with other runners (kids with bibs) on the course

Event Information

1. May I pick up a race number and race package for someone else?
Yes, provided the person’s entry has been pre-paid and an online or paper entry form has been completed.


2. Where do I get my race number and race package?
Race packages can always be picked up on race day and in some cases, pre-race package pick up will be available. Please check the race schedule section of our web site for times & details of individual events.


3. When and where are the awards presented?
Awards ceremony will be immediately following the event in the race compound. Participants in the top 3 in each age, and category receive a finisher’s gold, silver, or bronze medal.  All awards must be picked up at the ceremony and will not be mailed.


4. What do I need to bring?
Check the weather forecast the night before and make sure to dress appropriately for the race. Many of the 5 Peaks races take place in an alpine setting where weather can change very quickly. It’s always a good idea to have a hydration pack, a wind proof running jacket, a hat, sunglasses and a thin pair of running gloves in your race kit. Make sure to bring dry, warm gear to change into after the race.

5. What type of footwear should I wear?
You will definitely be more comfortable and safer in shoes designed specifically for trail running. Trail running shoes are designed specifically to make you more stable and protect you from injuries, as you scamper over rocks, through mud, and navigate those pesky tree roots! Check out the Altra shoes at https://altrazerodrop.ca.


6. Is there participant gear storage?
No, secure gear storage is the responsibility of the participant.


7. What about toilet facilities?
There are always plenty of toilet facilities available at the start/finish area. If the venue does not have a washroom facility, portable toilets will be brought in for the event.


8. Is there an official photographer?
5 Peaks does has a few official series photographers.  All of our race photos are available on our Flickr page.  Check them out and share with your friends!

Robert Shaer does our BC region. You can find Rob at most of our events in the BC Lower Mainland region and you can find his photos on our Facebook page, as well as his website.

Sue Sitki photographs the runners in our Ontario region.  You can find the most recent race gallery on her facebook page.  Also check out her website.

All photos are available for purchase directly through the photographer indicated. We are currently looking to develop relationships with photographers in all of our regions, if this is of interest to you, please get in touch with info@5peaks.com.