Spend some time in nature with us.  5 Peaks events are more than just trail races, they are special celebrations of nature, of the hard work we put into our training, of strength, and of family and community.

Don’t be intimidated. These runs are for everyone. We welcome all competitors, whether you’re gunning to become a backcountry running champion or simply want to take on a new physical challenge, 5 Peaks is for you.

With trail running races across Canada, 5 Peaks delivers some of the best trail this country has to offer.  Our events are hosted at some of the most spectacular natural spaces in the country.  Each race takes place on pre-marked natural surface trails with participants running over rocks, roots, tree stumps and logs, through mud puddles, snow and so much more.


Founded in 1998, the 5 race series originated in the Vancouver area, and attracted 600 participants over one summer.  Today, under new management, the series spread across Canada and offers participants an option of 4 course lengths, has developed an intricate network of supporting sponsors, and has realized a participation of over 12,000 racers per year.

Following true to 5 Peaks tag line, people are increasingly motivated to GET OFF THE ROAD and onto the trails. The series runs from May to September each year with each region hosting one race per month.  Each event consists of a free Children’s Challenge (50m – 1km), a Kidspeaks Timed Kids Challenge (about 3k), a Sport (5-8 km) entry-level course, and an Enduro (10-15 km) intermediate to advanced course.  Certain races will also have a half marathon distance.


Taking approximately 400 – 800 participants per race over some of the country’s most spectacular terrain, all competitors gain a new appreciation for the ease and beauty of enjoying their Region’s backcountry. The series is open to novice through expert athletes with winners in different age categories receiving points & prizing.

Each race is staged with the goal of leaving no trace on the environment.

The series is going great. I missed July race but other races excellent. I have been hitting races in NH, VT and around WNY... have been preaching to racers on how well run and organized your series is operated. Everything from sites, pre+post race activities, to participants has been outstanding. Job well done! Look forward to upcoming races!
— D.B., Buffalo, New York