Welcome to 5 Peaks Run Club

“As a new runner, I had no idea how to get started. Thank you for a fun program that keeps me motivated and improving. I never thought of my self as a ‘runner’ but now I do!”
-Pam L.

 What you get as a 5 Peaks Run Club Member:


1. Training Plans to Improve Your Speed & Performance.

Choose a race or an entire series.  Now choose a plan that fits your fitness and running level.  18 different plans available for every single 5 Peaks race!  No more messing around. You are here to get better and we are here to help! We will get you set up right away in one of our running plans! So, no matter what your goal, we have you covered and you have unlimited access to our full training library.

2. Coaching Support. You ask. We answer.

As you train, we're here for you. You have access to the world-renowned McMillan Running staff. You can participate in Run Club Live Coach Chats, ask your questions in our Ask the Coach section and post your training for our review in your own Training Log. You ask. We answer.

Imagine showing up at your next 5k, half, marathon… whatever. Knowing that you have been trained by the best in the world and encouraged by a team of runners from around the world.  Hard to beat you on that day, right?

3. The Power of the Group

Speaking of support. Ever feel like you are training alone? No one understands how important your running goals are? With Run Club, you are plugged into a running space that is all your own. It soon becomes your running family when you have friends that are right there with you. Friends that “get you”. The Club is incredibly supportive and ready to help each other out on your journey to be the best runner you can be. 



1. Hangout in a space that is filled with dedicated runners, just like you. 
2. Train using the same plans. Why do it alone? 
3. Have a place to share ideas, get feedback and even vent. 
4. Get advanced feedback from Coaches that you would never have had access to before. 


Want to know what you see once you're a member?

 Have a look below! 

Just choose a plan for any race, choose the intensity level and get started!  You can change plans and difficulty levels at any time without any hassle.  Coaches login regularly to answer your questions!

"Come for the training... Stay for the Community"

For 5 Peaks Season Passholders, it's just $44.99/mo*.  For non-passholders, it's $49.99/mo*.
You can cancel at anytime and we have a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If above link doesn't open in your email program automatically, email info@5peaks.com for link to discount page.


*Please Note: 5 Peaks Season Passholder Run Club rate is $44.99/month. Non-passholder Run Club rate is $49.99/month.